Day School

Our next day school for 2025 will be announced later this year. This year’s event was “Archaeology in Dorset: Recent Work” and was held on Saturday1st June 2024. Subjects included updates on surprising discoveries at the Durotriges Project, from Paul Cheetham and the Waddon Hill Archaeological Research Project, from Jon Milward. Mike Allen, reported on dating evidence from the Cerne Giant. He has written an article on the Cerne Giant which may be found on our Research Notes page. Peter Bellamy spoke on the Roman Street pattern of Dorchester, Hayley Roberts on Revisiting the stone circles of Dorset and Richard McConnell on work at North Quay, Weymouth. Evidence of land use in Poole Harbour and the Purbecks were given in separate talks by Sarah Elliott and Harry Manley. Peter Lancaster and Andrew Whittle told of the Nettlecombe Project in West Dorset, which is uncovering a lot of previously unknown activity in the area.

In 2018 the Association held its first day school “Aspects of Late Iron Age and Roman Dorchester” which proved successful and led to a call for more such events. In 2019 we held another day school, “Prehistoric Dorchester”. This was in collaboration with the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society in memory of Peter Woodward, Archaeologist and former Assistant Curator at the Dorset County Museum. The event was a great success. The last day school, to celebrate our fortieth anniversary, was held on the 24th September 2022. The subject was Mediaeval Dorset and a good range of speakers made for an informative and interesting day.

Maiden Castle, Dorchester
The last remaining section of Dorchester’s Roman Wall on West Walks. This is just part of the rubble core of the wall which originally stood around seven metres high and around three metres wide.
The ramparts of Poundbury hillfort above the Frome floodplain in flood. Before river management, this low-lying wetland would have offered an extra defensive barrier.
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